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Our Services


Our organizational assessment service is designed to evaluate and improve all levels of an organization while emphasizing the importance of equitable and inclusive leadership. We provide comprehensive support in designing and implementing strategies that foster equity and inclusivity throughout the organization. Our assessment process involves mapping the progress and quality of relationships within the organization, with a specific focus on achieving equity and inclusion goals. By conducting this assessment, we aim to identify areas for improvement and provide actionable recommendations to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment.  Having a clear picture of the organization enables us to create the most impactful strategic path forward. 

Our training and development service line is built upon a foundation of equity and leadership, with a focus on providing customized solutions that are intentional, scalable, and aligned with tangible business outcomes. We understand that every organization is unique, and we tailor our training programs to address specific needs and challenges. Our goal is to provide individual and group coaching and support that empowers employees at all levels to reach their full potential. Our training and development solutions not only enhance skills and knowledge but also foster a culture of inclusivity, ultimately driving sustainable growth and success for the organization

Training, Development & Coaching

Business Operations Support/

Our business operations support service line offers a comprehensive range of services to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness. We specialize in strategic communications, events and logistics management, inclusive operating model design, team building, and engagement. Throughout our services, we prioritize having an equitable approach, fostering collaboration and a positive work culture to minimize attrition and enable greater performance. With our support, organizations can optimize their operations, strengthen their teams, and create an inclusive and thriving work environment.

“Lawrence’s ability to connect our Intercultural Development Inventory assessment results with our personal history and role in our company was invaluable. Our team began this journey reluctant and after meeting with Lawrence were energized and ready to go deeper.”

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