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Client satisfaction is of prime importance to us.


Lawrence’s ability to develop personalize course work that relates specifically to our culture is something to be admired. The approach has been a fully submersed into our current culture approach that has helped him identify where our strengths and our areas for growth are. Being interwoven into our culture shows that Lawrence takes DEI training to a whole new level by developing partnerships with the firefighters themselves and showing them firsthand what DEI work looks like on the streets during calls, as well as in the work place.

This experience has drastically changed my life for the better and has motivated me to make huge steps in the right direction to provide more opportunities to those who have historically been underserved. This also has motived me to encourage others to have the same personal growth experience I have been fortunate enough to have, and to lead their agencies down a path of discovery and shift to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace environment for all to become their best selves and resemble the communities they swore to serve and protect.

— Captain Brad Chaney, South King Fire


WorkForce Central’s partnership with Eight Twenty Eight on its diversity and inclusion work and executive coaching has had a significant positive impact on our organization. The conversations are often challenging, and through Eight Twenty Eight’s expertise, approach and strategies, our employees are united in the understanding that diversity, equity, and inclusion are a vital part of our organization’s culture and success. We value our partnership with Eight Twenty Eight and highly recommend them to any other organization.

— WorkForce Central


MSC has had the pleasure of working with Lawrence Garrett and 828 LLC for over a year and we have been extremely satisfied. Our organization began implementing DEI efforts 4 years ago with both a workforce and customer focus. Broaching the topic of DEI can be challenging and uncomfortable. Lawrence’s approach to providing coaching and consulting for our senior management team on this topic has create a safe environment where our team can be candid and learn from each other. Lawrence’s ability to provide DEI coaching with integrity, honesty, empathy and humility has resulted in a significant amount of learning and positive impact in DEI amongst my senior leaders. I would highly recommend Lawrence and 828 to any company that wishes to implement and advance the critical principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

— Robin Corak, CEO


Lawrence Garrett has had a transformative impact on me and our organization. He has a depth of empathy and compassion that makes the tough conversations easier to receive and offers concrete strategies that illuminate the path for achieving DEI goals. He has helped me confront my own biases in a way that has been cathartic and healing, and in the process has helped me become a better leader. Our organization is more deeply committed to embedding equity and inclusion in everything we do and we are hopeful for the future because of our work with Lawrence.

— Erin Guinup, Executive & Artistic Director


If you are interested in learning about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as an individual or in groups I highly recommend Lawrence Garrett to be your partner. This can be a very scary topic for a lot of us but Lawrence has a way of communicating the topics in a way that fosters learning. His communication style is inviting and he can engage people from all different backgrounds and have a real meaningful impact.

I had the opportunity to work with Lawrence in a group setting as well as one on one. Our goal in hiring him was to bring up our awareness in DEI where most of us had very little knowledge if any at all in the subject. He did it with grace and style and has made a lasting impression and impact in both our personal and professional lives.

— Greg Primm, President


Lawrence Garrett’s leadership and guidance was a tremendous help during a moment of change for our organization. Lawrence developed trusting relationships with staff and board members, bringing together organizational leadership with the goal of providing guidance and support during a major leadership transition. Lawrence utilized a variety of conflict resolution and communication strategies to bring the organization together to improve policies and procedures internally. We are forever grateful for Lawrence’s support and guidance as we managed change and worked on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the organization.

— Amanda Santo, Board Member


Based on what I have learned as well as my experiences, it is without reservation that I share that Lawrence Garrett is one of the most impactful leaders I have had the opportunity to work with in my entire professional career! His true ability to lead is not only because of his extensive knowledge but because of his ability to customize the work. He can identify where each individual is in the journey and create a strategy that best fits the team with which he is working. This approach is unique and challenging to accomplish but because of Lawrence’s unique skill set, commitment and passion to this work, he is able to meet the diverse needs of a staff, school and community.

— Michele Rupe, Civics & Leadership


Not only is Mr. Garrett exceptionally talented at positively impacting reluctant learners, he is also highly effective at empowering, celebrating, and acknowledging those who are interested and equity-focused individuals. Perhaps most noteworthy, is Mr. Garrett’s ability to scaffold tough concepts within the context of race relations, systemic racism, bigotry, and implicit bias. He does this through creating and delivering hands-on or experiential activities that give participants of all backgrounds a chance to really understand race and racism in concrete ways. If your organization needs work surrounding the following: collaboration, eliciting and maintaining social-justice perseverance, and designing equitable and effective community culture, you would be hard-pressed to find a more fitting individual for the job.

— Chimere Hackney, Dean of Students


Committing to work on diversity and inclusion can be complex, challenging and, at times, overwhelming work, which makes Lawrence’s skill and ability at fostering a sense of curiosity, inquiry and ultimately empowerment all the more remarkable. His open, collaborative, and authentic communication style draws one into this work in a compelling and engaged manner … He is a dynamic agent of change; an inspiring thought leader and the most adept, relatable and inspiring coach I have worked with … Lawrence’s work led us to the establishment of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team for our organization – the most powerful team-building work we have done to date.

— Suzy Green, Owner

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