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River Rapids

About the Flow

The name Eight Twenty-Eight has several meanings and interpretations, yet all merge to one central theme- “New power gained by trial and testing.” We chose Eight-Twenty Eight as our company name to represent both the heights of our full potential as working professionals while also acknowledging the depths of sacrifice and struggle necessary to get there. We practice transformational leadership through deep listening, poignant courage and intentional practice.

Here at Eight Twenty-Eight, we don’t shy away from the duality of the “pain and gain” paradigm, but rather embrace it and allow it to shape the trajectory of our future. In essence, we say, “There’s always purpose to pain, like plant growth from rain,” so let’s grow something amazing together.

828 Consulting Process


01 Assess

02 Develop

03 Grow


04 Sustain

Here we gather and analyze information to better understand the best path forward. This phase forms the foundation for informed decision-making and effective recommendations.

Our development phase aims to translate insights and recommendations into practical actions, empowering the client to achieve desired outcomes and drive sustainable equity goals. 

Our growth phase focuses on implementing strategies for sustainable growth. Here we work closely with our client to execute plans, monitor progress, and refine strategies based on feedback. We provide further  guidance and support to ensure long-term success and achieving measurable outcomes.

Here we focus on maintaining and optimizing the implemented strategies for long-term success. We aim to ensure the continued effectiveness of initiatives, identify areas of improvement, and address any emerging challenges. At this phase strategies and policy become part of the institutional framework.

Client Success is Our Priority


Flashlight vs. Spotlight

Being a flashlight vs. a spotlight is a mindset of not centering ourselves above our clients.  We leverage our knowledge and expertise to shed light on the clients' needs and priorities rather than our own. Our goal is to provide selfless service, actively listening and understanding your unique circumstances. 


Learn and anticipate client needs

Learning and anticipating our clients' needs are a crucial aspect of driving sustainable outcomes. We continuously learn about the industry, market trends, and individual circumstances, to stay ahead of the curve and provide proactive recommendations. Anticipating client needs requires deep empathy, listening skills, and the ability to think critically. In doing this we are able to deliver tailored solutions, exceed client expectations, and foster long-term relationships built on trust and mutual success.


Over deliver

Our aim to over-deliver is a strategy embraced by all of our consultants to exceed client expectations. We go above and beyond client expectations to provide exceptional value. By doing this, our consultants build trust and strengthen our client relationships.  


Why are we here?

We believe that success comes from not only understanding the “what” but also the “why” behind it. Our team is committed to providing you with the knowledge, resources, and support that will help you reach your objectives. Let us be your guide to success.

At 828 we encourage our clients to just "go with the flow". 

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