“Leadership is Inclusion and Inclusion is Leadership”

L.E.A.P. to C.U.R.E.through LEADERSHIP

Coaching and Consulting
Equity and Inclusion
Leadership Development

Do you want to be right or have influence?

L.E.A.P. Coaching and Consulting:

Listening | We aim to be a fully engaged and integrated listener. That means listening with our heart, intellect and intuition by taking into account everything shared and not shared.

Evaluation | We look at evaluation on three levels. What we’ve deducted, what’s uncertain and what’s possible. This allows us to create “meaning” together.

Application | Steps towards change have to be clear and concise, even if the desired results can’t be guaranteed.

Partnership | In order for any meaningful and sustainable exchange to happen in the world of performance management, there has to be a partnership for success.

C.U.R.E. Equity and Inclusion:

Customization | Every organization is different. The history, people, culture, the spacial design and goals all play a role in creating an equitable and inclusive space for all to thrive. We design tailored solutions fitting for each of our clients.
Utilization | We take a holistic approach assessing all levels in the organization while designing and implementing an equitable inclusive leadership strategy.
Relationship | Nothing works without healthy relationships. We assist in mapping relational progress and quality of relationships.
Evaluation | We examine our clients current “measurables” in terms of Equity and Inclusion goals and seek to strengthen and adjust accordingly.

Leadership Development

Phase 1 |   The C.A.L.L. is an introductory leadership offering at 828. The objective is to uncover and develop a personal leadership style and approach while also learning how to recognize and adapt to others’ leadership style.
Phase 2 |   The Walk is the next level leadership offering to The C.A.L.L. grads. This course reminds the Leader to look at their effectiveness holistically and to be a vertically integrated leader.

Phase 3 |   Team Development is the final offering from 828. Learning how to lead through the efforts of others and leading while absent is the central theme at this level. Here, we train and measure leadership effectiveness according to outcomes occurred while “away” oppose to being directly involved.

About the Flow

The name Eight Twenty-Eight has several meanings and interpretations, yet all merge to one central theme- “New Power gained by trial and testing.” We chose Eight-Twenty Eight as our company name to represent both the heights of our full potential as working professionals while also acknowledging the depths of sacrifice and struggle necessary to get there. We practice transformational leadership through deep listening, maximum performance through intentional practice and meaningful change through poignant courage.

Here at Eight Twenty-Eight, we don’t shy away from the duality of the “pain and gain” paradigm, but rather embrace it and allow it to shape the trajectory of our future. In essence, we say, “There’s always purpose to pain, like plant growth from rain,” so let’s grow something amazing together.


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